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AC Repair

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Air Conditioner Repairs

Wukmir HVAC

Have you ever experienced a broken air conditioner in the heat of the summer? Whether your AC unit has gone out completely or it has stopped working as efficiently as it should, you’ll need to get it fixed as soon as possible for you and your family’s health and comfort. Not only will a functioning air conditioning unit keep you comfortable and cool throughout the summer months, but it can also help with airborne dust and allergens by providing pristine air quality if maintained properly.

With Wukmir Heating & Air Conditioning Co., we’re here to help. Our team specializes in high-quality air conditioning repairs in El Monte and surrounding areas, with years of experience. From in-depth repairs to smaller patch jobs, we’re happy to do it all; simply give us a call and we’ll handle all of your repair needs.

Reliable Repairs From A Trustworthy Source

At Wukmir, we understand that not every HVAC company is created equally. Some specialize in quick-fix jobs with little care for the work they are doing, while others are trained to sell you new equipment before you really need it. Wukmir Heating & Air Conditioning Co. aims to be different, with a focus on customer satisfaction every time. If you’re looking for reliable AC repairs for any of the following issues, trust us to provide you with excellent services.

  • Fan Problems
  • Refrigerant Leaks
  • Compressor Issues
  • Odd Noises or Odors
  • Drainage Issues
  • Not Blowing Cold Air
  • Not Turning On

If your air conditioning system has stopped working altogether, it may be time to replace it. With Wukmir, we can work together to get your new AC system installed and running just in time to beat the heat. From new cut-ins to old system replacements, the team at Wukmir Heating and Air can help ensure that your new A/C system is installed perfectly and works like a charm. With friendly and professional services, we can’t wait to help you get started with your new air conditioning! If you’re ready to get started, or even just have a question or two, give us a call at (626) 442-2148 and we’ll be happy to help you.

How To Know If Your AC Needs Repairs

Sometimes, knowing when to call for repairs isn’t as easy as hitting the on switch and watching your machine cough out exhaust. Oftentimes, there will be more minor issues to start. For example your air may not be cooling to your desired temperature or you’ve spotted a small puddle near the condensation line.

While these issues may start small, they can quickly lead to bigger problems and cost hundreds of dollars to fix. A leaking drain pipe, for example, may lead to water damage to your ceiling and a broken filter system could be harmful to you or your family’s health over time.

If you’re not sure if you need a repair, it is always best to contact a professional. We’ll come and inspect your equipment and make sure everything is working order, so you won’t have to worry about issues down the road. You know what they say: better safe than sorry!

Air Conditioning Services

Anything from age and lack of maintenance to neglect and more can take a toll on any air conditioning system, regardless of where you live. Keeping your house comfortable in hot weather is an essential job that requires a functional, efficient system, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. At Wukmir Heating and Air, we offer all-encompassing services for your cooling system, from brand-new installations to repairs and replacements.

Top-Notch Customer Service

For award-winning service with a smile, Wukmir Heating and Air Conditioning is the company you’ve been looking for. From expert advice and know-how to kind and helpful service, Wukmir’s employees are the best of the bunch. Our team is reliable and has years of industry experience; you can trust us to evaluate your air conditioning needs carefully. If you need a replacement, repair, or anything else, give us a call today at (626) 442-2148. We look forward to hearing from you!